Lip Products

-My Favorite Lip Products-

Here are my current favorite lip products. I do change my lip products up a lot. It usually depends on the season; however, I have find that scrubbing my lips has made a huge difference in the way my lipstick/gloss appears all year round. In other words, you should scrub your lips all year round. Of course, in the winter my lips are more dry, and in the summer, it’s not as intense; which I’m sure many people can relate. When you scrub your lips, you are taking the excess or dead/dry layer of skin off. When I was searching for a lip scrub I wanted to find a product that wouldn’t be horrible for you if you got it in your mouth. That’s why I chose an edible product. I bought mine for around $11, from Lush Cosmetics, you can order it online or find the shop in a Macy’s store. The flavor I chose was bubblegum, because the only other one they had at the time was popcorn, and the thought of rubbing popcorn on my flips made my stomach turn. With this product, you just gently rub a little bit of the bubblegum flavored sugar onto your lips and then scrub them. YES, it’s a sugar mixed with an oil. I’m sure you can do your own DIY with this product. After you are done scrubbing your lips, you can lick the excess product off, or you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth. You do not need a lot of the product to make it work. After you have removed the excess product off your lips, you will automatically be able to feel the difference. I then go on to add another product, which is either a lip balm, lip mask, or Vaseline. It’s honestly just a personal preference. I highly recommend everyone at least try adding a lip scrub to your routine, because YOU WILL notice a huge difference. You will not only notice a difference in the way your lips feel, but you will notice a difference in how much smoother/better your lipsticks will appear. (I do not recommend scrubbing your lips everyday)

If you like a refreshing minty finish, then use a product that will give you that. Like, an Eos lip balm or Burt’s Bees lip balm. I occasionally use both of those products, it just depends on what I’m feeling at that moment. However, my two favorites are the Rosy Lips Vaseline Lip therapy, and Best Damn Lip Mask by Best Damn Beauty. I use the Vaseline if I want something not too thick; just something simple that will keep my lips hydrated, soft, and a little pink. I really wish that Vaseline made this product in a lipstick tube, because I find it annoying having to stick my finger down in the product; having to go wash my hands every time I use it, but the product itself is great and cheap. I bought mine at Target for $1.79, but I’m sure you can find it at other relatable stores.
The Best Damn Lip Mask is pretty pricy, it’s $26, but it’s a great product that lasts a longggg timeee. I’ve had mine for maybe close to a year now and I still have a lot of the product left. The product is worth its price. I use the Best Damn Lip Mask at night a lot, and throughout the day if I want to wear something on my lips but I don’t want to wear an actual lipstick. This product is really thick, and I love that about it. It lasts sooo long and a little goes a long way with it. I know it’s a mask, but you can use this as an everyday gloss; it’ll keep your lips hydrated throughout the day and it has a pinky tone to it, so you can tell that you are wearing something on your lips. You can even use this and the Vaseline both underneath a matte lipstick that may be too dry for you. It helps the matte lipstick not crack as bad, if at all.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.07.22 PM.png

I hope this helps!

XOXO Hayley

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