Erotic Love Stories

Hi Everyone:

If you all LOVE 50 Shades Of Grey, or simply just love erotic love stories, then you will love these books. I don’t want to call it a series because you don’t have to read each individual book to understand the other; however, they all do have a connection. Once again, each romance book is a romance in itself, but throughout the rest of the romance books the characters connect to each other. For example: there will be one book where the main characters will mention a friend or a relative throughout the novel, and then in the next book or two, characters from the previous books will appear and then you will begin to form the connection and come to realize OH MY GOD, that’s so and so!!! Are you excited yet? Well, read below and I’ll list the books in an order that I think you should read them.

Author: Megan Hart

  • Dirty
  • Broken
  • Tempted
  • Everything Changes – A short story that off of Tempted
  • Reason Enough – Another Short Story off of Dirty
  • Stranger
  • Deeper
  • Switch
  • Naked
  • Collide
  • The Space Between Us

This is where I have left off, for now. There are more books that I believe these novels have a connection with, I just haven’t made it through every single one so far. I’m in the process of going on to the next book, which I believe is Stumble Into Love or Flying. I’ll just have to read them to find out. On Megan Hart’s (the authors) website the books are under the Novel section in the romance novel tab. She has the books listed backwards, which goes to show the oldest book is at the bottom.

I hope you guys enjoy these, and let me know what you think about them!

XOXO Hayley

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