My Favorite Foundations

My skin type:

  • Oily to combination
  • I’m more oily in my T-zone area
  • I get cystic acne and blackheads around my jawline to the side of my face.
  • I have acne scars and dark spots on my face, around my jaw area as well.

Wearing: No Makeup

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.36.06 PM.png

Foundation Sticks:

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick ($46)- This foundation is my all time favorite foundation stick. It’s on the boarder of being my legit all time favorite foundation; out of any foundation that I have ever used. It’s full and medium coverage, and it’s easy to apply. It’s a two in one, which means it has concealer mixed in with the foundation. The pigmentation is GREAT! For me, it covers everything and I have really bad dark circles under my eyes, and dark spot/acne scars on my face. It works for all skin types, and it says that it has a finish that is: matte, radiant, satin and natural looking. I completely agree and kind of think that it looks almost like a wet/powder, which is probably where the satin finish comes in. I get oily mostly in my T-zone, and this foundation does not make my oily spots more noticeable or shinny. Also, this foundation lasts me all day; then again, all day for me is not 24 hours, and I think this foundation is made for only a 12 hour wear (which could be a con for some people). However, I do like a little of a dewy look; so if you like that as well then you will probably want to add a moisturizer or oil underneath this foundation because the matte/satin finish is very noticeable.

Wearing: Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick; Shade Golden

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 5.20.03 PM.png

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick  ($46)- This foundation is not a foundation that I would use all over my face. I already have oily skin in my T-zone, and I feel like with this foundation it makes my oily spots look more drastic. It does say it’s for all skin types, but I personally believe that all Bobbi Brown foundations (that I have used) have a little glow in them because this brand wants their foundations to look as natural as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dewy look, but with this foundation it’s just too much of an oily glow for my personal preference. However; I do like to use this foundation stick as a contour stick. It does great for that. I’m not oily in the spots that I contour, so the natural oily look with this foundation stick balances everything else out on my face.

(I do not have a picture yet. I’ll make sure to do this in my next video; Shade Warm Walnut) 

Liquid Foundations:

Clinique Beyond Perfecting ($28)- This foundation is at the very top of the list. This foundation is another two in one, so basically when a foundation says it also has concealer in it, I grab it. What I love about this foundation is that it is full coverage, but it’s also lightweight. The color in this foundation stays true throughout the day and it’s oil free. You don’t even have to use this as a full face foundation, and by that I mean, you can use it as a spot foundation in your troublesome areas and then go in with another foundation if you would like. I do that sometimes. Yes, this foundation is a lightweight foundation, but sometimes I like having a more natural lighter look so I choose to use a different foundation over this one (only when I use it as a spot foundation). The majority of the time though, I do apply this foundation with its built in applicator all over my face. It’s my go to liquid foundation, and you can build this foundation. By build, I mean you can layer it to have more coverage; depending on your own personal preference.

Wearing: Clinique Beyond Perfecting; Shade 9 Neutral

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 12.37.20 PM.png

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ($49)- I’m obsessed with this foundation. It’s true to its name. It’s luminous and weightless. It goes on so smoothly. This is the foundation I choose to use when I want a little something, but nothing that noticeable. It has a natural finish to it; this is my husbands favorite foundation on me. He says it lays on my face so pretty, it looks natural, it doesn’t look caked onto my face and just looks balanced. This is a 16 hour foundation, so it’s considered to be an all day foundation. It says it’s a full coverage foundation, and I mean it does do great with coverage, but the coverage wouldn’t be enough for me when i’m having a bad day with my skin. If my skin is looking great and smooth, and I have no acne to cover, then this is the foundation that I choose to use. This foundation is made for all skin types, and you don’t have to use a lot of the product to get the job done. I have noticed though, that the oil does tend to shine through on my forehead as the hours pass; then again, it’s totally worth dealing with, because this product is so amazing. Just add a little powder on the oily spot and your problem is solved. This foundation is also build able.

Wearing: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation; Shade Vallauris, Medium and pink undertones.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.28.40 PM.png

I have tried a lot of foundations, but these are my top favorites at the moment. I’m currently trying out drug store foundations and will do another blog post about my favorites of those as well.

I hope this helps!

XOXO Hayley

Hair Growth Products

I get asked a lot about what I use to make my hair grow so fast. Does it cost a lot? Where do you get it? Do you take Biotin Vitamins?

Ok, so to answer those questions…

  • No, it doesn’t cost a lot. The main products that I use are less than $6 for the smaller bottles. The Ogx Thick & Full, biotin & collagen shampoo and conditioner. You can buy these at Ulta, or any drug store. I have seen them at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Kroger. The bottles come in many different sizes. This product is too underestimated. No one gives it the credit or recommendation that it deserves. My husband always uses my shampoo, and not long ago he mentioned “GEEZ! I’m having to cut my hair at least once a week now”, as I sat a chuckled for a minute I went on to tell him that he’s using hair growth shampoo (he didn’t read the bottle before). He stated, well this stuff really works because I’ve never had to cut my hair so much. Did it stop him from using it? No. He puts it on his beard now, haha!.. I’m just telling you the conversation we had, to show you that this product does definitely work. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this shampoo and conditioner.


  • The next product that I use is Lee Stafford, Hair Growth Treatment. I recommend you buying this at Ulta because it’s a lot cheaper there than anywhere else that I have found; it’s $11.99. I rub this into my scalp and sometimes all over my head. I do not always use it from my roots to my ends, because I never switch up my shampoo and conditioner; instead, I switch up my hair masks. I usually put the Lee Stafford treatment on my roots and then a moisturizing mask near my ends. I asked my hairstylist if it was bad that I do that, and he said no because I switch up my masks and that if it was it would have already shown damage to my hair (and I just my hair bleached a month ago and he didn’t even have to take off an inch). In other words, my hair is healthy. If you want a great moisturizing mask, I recommend you trying the Repairing Hair Mask by Juice Organics; it’s $10.99. You can also find this at Target and Walmart.


  • If you don’t want to spend a lot on a hair mask, then use a regular Coconut Oil. I actually use this quite often. You can use the same oil that you cook with and put it in your hair. If I know I’m not going anywhere, I’ll rub it all through my hair and then pile my hair up on my head. I even use Coconut Oil to slick back my baby hairs, it makes them stay, it gives my hair a shine, and it’s healthy for my hair and isn’t damaging like some hairsprays are.
  • You can over moisturize your hair, which can result to damaging it. However, I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days so the only moisture my hair is getting in those days are my natural oils from my head. I do believe this also plays a part in my hair growth because natural oils are great for you hair; it keeps it healthy, and healthy hair is what grows better and faster. It’s not healthy to wash your hair every day, and by doing this you’ll save money from having to constantly buy the shampoo and conditioner because you won’t be using it as much. Yes, I use dry shampoo throughout those days. I do not walk around with oily hair.
  • Do I take Biotin Vitamins? No, I do not. My goal is to target the hair on my head, and not the rest of the hair on my body. When I take Biotin Vitamins, I am literally shaving everyday. I already have a difficult time with my body hair. EW! Gross I know, but it’s human and people struggle with it like I do. I do take a Daily Vitamin called Opti-Women. It does have biotin in it, but no where near as much as an actual capsule from a Biotin Vitamin bottle. One day I will get later surgery and never have to worry about body hair, haha! If you do not struggle with body hair then I do highly recommend taking Biotin Vitamins with everything else that I have listed above, but if you are like me and have naturally dark rooted body hair, I would recommend you staying away from Biotin Vitamins. The products above target the hair on your scalp and not the hair all over your body. You would think that when you rinse your hair it would affect your back hair, but that is not true. I would have experienced that already. You’re letting the products sit on your head for a while before washing it out, and that’s what helps with the hair growth. When it runs down your back, your are instantly rinsing the excess off.


  • Last but certainly not least, I eat healthy and I have for years now. I do not eat poor non nutritional foods. I’m always that person reading the back of everything, making sure the things that I eat are nutritional and beneficial for my body. I do believe this play a huge role in my hair growth. Think about it, a healthy person increases the chances of having healthy hair. If someone is malnourished what do you see? Hair loss, patches of peach fuzz and even discoloration of the skin, teeth and nails. Yes, all of that. By feeding your body healthy nutritional foods your body will begin to process the nutrients and you will be able to see it not just in your hair, but your skin, your teeth, the way you feel will completely change, the dark circles around your eyes will decrease, and even your acne will decrease. It’s worth it, just really try to focus on eating healthy things and taking care of your body.

I hope this helps! As I have mentioned in the past, what works for me will not work for everyone; everyones body is different, meaning everyones body reacts differently to certain things. This is just what I do to make my hair grow, and I wanted to share it with those who are looking for ways or products to use throughout their hair growth process.

XOXO Hayley

Spray Tan Routine

Spray Tan – I get Medium Tinted with NO hydration. I have got Medium Clear a couple of times, but the results take so much longer to notice; which is the difference between the two. With the tinted you will automatically see the results, but will still get darker over time, and with clear you will only see results as the hours pass. I honestly do think that I get a better tan with the tinted, but that’s a personal opinion. Everyone says you get the same results, but I honestly beg to differ because my tans are always darker with the tinted and they last longer. I avoid the hydration because it BREAKS ME OUT! Ever since I stopped getting the hydration my acne has calmed down on my face, and it has made a huge difference with the acne on my back (gross I know, but I’m being completely honest with you all). I even made this comment to someone who works at Sun Tan City and she agreed with me; she no longer gets the hydration.

  1. I always get my spray tans in the morning, or at least before noon. That gives me enough time to shower before going to bed, and you need to let it dry on your body. People say that once you get it, it’ll stick; that’s not true at all. If you go to sleep in your spray tan, it will probably get all over your bed sheets. I also have this fear of it smudging on my body because I believe the first shower is what gets the excess off. With the excess still being on your body while asleep I feel like it increases your chances of having an uneven tan. By no means is my tan always even, it’s not, that really just depends on the products on your body and how you correctly position yourself in the machine.
  2. Apply moisturizer before you go; especially, if you get the no hydration. Do not apply too much, because if you cake on your lotion/moisturizer, some of your spray tan is basically laying on top of your layered lotion and when you shower the majority of your spray tan will rinse off. I know from experience, it happened to me and the only thing I did different was apply too much moisturizer. I always use a vaseline spray, it’s been my holy grail for a while now. I have and use both the Cocoa Radiant and Aloe Sooth spray. (You can get them at many drug stores). I use it every time I get out of the shower, and I use it throughout the day if i’m feeling dry. It’s amazing, and it works great with spray tans. Underneath the vaseline spray, I use a rose water toner. I bought mine at Urban Outfitters for $10. You don’t have to buy these, but I use these and my spray tans last me so long. Today, I am on day 6 of my spray tan and it still looks great.
  3. No you do not have to shave before getting a spray tan. It’ll look the exact same and apply the exact same way if you choose to not shave before going. I shaved my legs 2 days after this spray tan and it didn’t take off my tan. People think that when you shave it’ll take off all of your spray tan, that is false. Of course, it’s a razor and it’ll probably remove a little, but not enough for you to notice.
  4. Always use the lotion they provide for you in the booth. You apply it to your palms and the bottom of your feet. I messed up once and forgot to use it, and oh my gawd (insert big eyed emoji here) it looked like I had carrot fingers. My hands and feet both looked crusty, and I couldn’t get it all off. I scrubbed and still my feet looked dirty for a couple of days. USE THAT LOTION! I also rub it around my cuticles on my fingers.
  5. Use your hair net and make sure you get all of your hairs off your face and around the back of your neck. I mean you don’t want a streak down the side of your face, right? That would be awkward.
  6. Follow the positions correctly. I wasn’t centered once and the right side of my body was darker the the left.
  7. When you get out wipe the spray tan off of your nails. If you don’t it’ll leave a stain.
  8. Wait 8 hours before showering.
  9. Apply moisturizer daily, when you get out of the shower. I read an article that after showering is the best time to moisturize your body anyways. (Think about it, it makes sense).
  10. Also, wear loose clothes when you go. If you wear really tight clothing it’ll rub off a lot of your spray tan. I get my spray tan sometimes after the gym (my leggings are super tight) and I notice a huge difference in the darkness and how long my tan lasts. I didn’t really care that much about it during the winter, but now that it’s warming up, I pack a pair of loose pants with me.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions leave me a comment.


XOXO Hayley

Lip Ombre

Hello everyone:


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.11.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.31.45 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-02-23 at 3.56.57 PM.png

One of the trends happening right now, is the lip ombre; which is basically when the outer-sides of your lips are dark and the color begins to fade to a lighter shade when approaching the inner-center part of your lips. So, how do you achieve that?

  • First you line your lips with a lip-lining pencil (lipliner) then shade it in. Not too much though, just basically make your lipliner thicker than normal, but color in the corners of your lips.
  • The next step is to use the tool “product” that I use to make my lips a lot lighter in the center; which is a jumbo white eye pencil by NYX, it literally cost like $4.49 (less than $5). It’s really cheap, and works great. However, with this pencil you just want to color in the center part of your lips, so that when you apply your lipstick all over your lips, you will get three total different shades.
  • The darkest shade will be from the lipliner, the middle shade will be from the lipstick itself, and then the lightest shade from the jumbo eye pencil.
  • So, remember, lipliner first then then jumbo eye pencil, but do no let the two touch. Before applying your lipstick over everything, you should see the lipliner, your natural lip color (because there should be no product between the jumbo white pencil and the lip liner), and then the jumbo white pencil (being in the center). Then coat your entire lips with your lipstick. Of course you want your lipliner to resemble your lipstick, but also using a black lipliner works too!

I have found this to be the easiest way to achieve the ombre lip look. Instead of going out and buying many different shades to create an ombre look, you can just use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. The actual name for the pencil is “Milk”, and you can use this pencil for many different things; the water line on your eyes (to brighten your eyes up), put it all over your lips as an undercoat (to make your lipstick lighter), a base for your eyeshadow (to make your eyeshadow POP more), and I even use this on my inner tear duct before adding a shimmer because it helps make the shimmer more visible.


You can buy this Pencil on may different websites and in stores; even drug stores (ones that carry NYX Cosmetics)…

Target – $4.49

NYX Cosmetics – $4.50

Ulta – $4.49

Amazon – $6.99

CVS – $4.49

Macy’s – $4.49

I hope this helps!

XOXO Hayley

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.11.05 PM.png

Face Masks

-My Favorite Face Masks-

I have a couple favorite face masks at the moment. Two are high end and one is a drug store product. I always try different face masks to see what works for me, and usually I don’t feel a difference or one changes my life forever (haha, I over exaggerated a little). As I have mentioned before, my face is a combination of both dry and oily skin. I’m more oily in my T-Zone area and dry in the rest. I do struggle with acne. It seems like the older my skin gets the worse controlling my acne gets. I never struggle with acne in my teens, but now it’s something that is on my radar. I get more blackheads than actual pimples, and if I feel a pimple coming on it usually becomes a cystic pimple (which is the hard pimple that stay deep into your skin). I use to get regular acne (example being a huge yellow pimple), but with the skin care routine that I have been doing I very rarely get those anymore. Even with the cystic pimples, I do get them, but it’s rare now. I feel like I have it kind of under control because it is so rare, but it’s not like they are forever gone; they do randomly appear, they just don’t life daily on my face anymore. I do want to point out that everyone has different skin, and what work for me, might not work for you. I’m sharing all of this because I hope that it works for you.

  1. Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment – This is my all time favorite mask. It’s the best mask I have ever used, and trust me I have tried sooo many of them. This is the only mask that I find that TRULY helps with controlling my acne. You leave this mask on for 5-20 minutes, but within minutes you can see it working. There will be little dark circles, showing that the mask is helping cleanse your pores. You can use this as often as you want, as a full face mask, or a sport treatment. I personally use this mask randomly as a full face mask, but the majority of the time I use it as a spot treatment mask in my problem areas. For example: my nose, forehead, and my cheek area under my eyes. Those are my problem areas; mostly with blackheads. If you are having acne problems and are looking for a mask to help treat/prevent the blemishes, then I highly recommend getting this one. I have the 1.2 oz, and I have had it for a while. If you use it as a spot treatment, like I do, then it will last longer than if you always use it as a full face mask. The 1.2 oz is around $50, but it is worth the money. I promise you!
  2. Rose Face Mask – This is my daily mask, it’s infused with real rose petals and hydrates and tones your face. If you have seen my last few posts, you should know by now that I am a toner FREAK! I love using toners, I have them in a spray bottle, not just for my face but my whole body, and I have them in normal bottles to use during my day and night routines. So, of course, I had to find a mask toner. I absolutely love this one because it’s natural, and uses real rose petals. It’s by the company Fresh, and you leave it on between 5-10 minutes; you apply the mask to a clean moist face. Like I mentioned before, I use this as a daily mask but you don’t have to; I just perfect to use it that way. The bigger bottle for 3.5 oz is $62, they do have a small size one that you can get. I always recommend everyone get the smaller items before purchasing the bigger ones and try the product before spending so much money on each one. I am ALL FOR hydration and toner makes. I will be trying new ones in the future, but at the moment, this is my favorite go to face mask.
  3. Biore Free Your Pores, Self Heating One Minute Mask – I’m at lost for words with this mask. I really do not know what to say, except this is the best drugstore face mask you could ever find. The heat is intense and it just feels great on your face, you can actually feel this mask doing its job. I am usually not a charcoal mask person, the charcoal nose strips by the same company is not my favorite, but this charcoal mask is absolutely amazing. It comes in a pack, I think around four comes in one pack. You can get them for around $6, I’m sure at any drugstore. If you have not tried these, you should stop what you are doing right now and go and buy them. I keep mine close to my shower and use them when I shower in the morning; not every morning, but at least once or twice a week. The package says you can use them two to three times a week, and that this mask warms to open pores and draw out deep down dirt, oil and impurities, leaving skin tingly smooth. WHICH IT DOES! I apply this mask after my face scrub, but before going in with my face cleanser. Try this product and I will go ahead and tell you, you’re welcome. It’s affordable and does a great job, which is what everyone is always looking for.


I hope this helps!

XOXO Hayley


Lip Products

-My Favorite Lip Products-

Here are my current favorite lip products. I do change my lip products up a lot. It usually depends on the season; however, I have find that scrubbing my lips has made a huge difference in the way my lipstick/gloss appears all year round. In other words, you should scrub your lips all year round. Of course, in the winter my lips are more dry, and in the summer, it’s not as intense; which I’m sure many people can relate. When you scrub your lips, you are taking the excess or dead/dry layer of skin off. When I was searching for a lip scrub I wanted to find a product that wouldn’t be horrible for you if you got it in your mouth. That’s why I chose an edible product. I bought mine for around $11, from Lush Cosmetics, you can order it online or find the shop in a Macy’s store. The flavor I chose was bubblegum, because the only other one they had at the time was popcorn, and the thought of rubbing popcorn on my flips made my stomach turn. With this product, you just gently rub a little bit of the bubblegum flavored sugar onto your lips and then scrub them. YES, it’s a sugar mixed with an oil. I’m sure you can do your own DIY with this product. After you are done scrubbing your lips, you can lick the excess product off, or you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth. You do not need a lot of the product to make it work. After you have removed the excess product off your lips, you will automatically be able to feel the difference. I then go on to add another product, which is either a lip balm, lip mask, or Vaseline. It’s honestly just a personal preference. I highly recommend everyone at least try adding a lip scrub to your routine, because YOU WILL notice a huge difference. You will not only notice a difference in the way your lips feel, but you will notice a difference in how much smoother/better your lipsticks will appear. (I do not recommend scrubbing your lips everyday)

If you like a refreshing minty finish, then use a product that will give you that. Like, an Eos lip balm or Burt’s Bees lip balm. I occasionally use both of those products, it just depends on what I’m feeling at that moment. However, my two favorites are the Rosy Lips Vaseline Lip therapy, and Best Damn Lip Mask by Best Damn Beauty. I use the Vaseline if I want something not too thick; just something simple that will keep my lips hydrated, soft, and a little pink. I really wish that Vaseline made this product in a lipstick tube, because I find it annoying having to stick my finger down in the product; having to go wash my hands every time I use it, but the product itself is great and cheap. I bought mine at Target for $1.79, but I’m sure you can find it at other relatable stores.
The Best Damn Lip Mask is pretty pricy, it’s $26, but it’s a great product that lasts a longggg timeee. I’ve had mine for maybe close to a year now and I still have a lot of the product left. The product is worth its price. I use the Best Damn Lip Mask at night a lot, and throughout the day if I want to wear something on my lips but I don’t want to wear an actual lipstick. This product is really thick, and I love that about it. It lasts sooo long and a little goes a long way with it. I know it’s a mask, but you can use this as an everyday gloss; it’ll keep your lips hydrated throughout the day and it has a pinky tone to it, so you can tell that you are wearing something on your lips. You can even use this and the Vaseline both underneath a matte lipstick that may be too dry for you. It helps the matte lipstick not crack as bad, if at all.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.07.22 PM.png

I hope this helps!

XOXO Hayley

Makeup Removal Routine

-My Makeup Removing Routine-

To remove my makeup, I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes first; mostly focusing on my eye makeup. You can buy this product at many drug stores; with tax, it’s around $6 + tax. After my eye makeup is removed I use a clean side of the towelette to wipe off my foundation. These towelettes do not remove all your makeup, which is why you need an actual makeup removing product. The towelettes leave my face feeling oily, which is ok if I’m using another product afterwards. However, if you are only using the towelettes and are getting breakouts, it’s probably because you still have makeup on your face and the after math of the towelettes are clogging your pores. USE ANOTHER PRODUCT AFTERWARDS. I use a cleansing oil. Why use and oil cleanser if the towelettes leave an oily after math? Because I find that cleaning oils remove makeup better than other products, and your washing it off afterwards. It really does make a huge difference. I use the Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil. I bought mine at a drug store for around $7 to $9. The directions say to use on a dry face with dry hands, but I don’t do that; it goes on to say add water. Where my face is already damp from the towelettes it helps me work the product onto my face a lot smoother, picking the excess makeup off my face. After rinsing off the cleansing oil I use a cleansing water from Garnier. It’s called Micellar Cleansing Water. I bought both of mine at Ulta, but you can find them at target and Walmart as well. Depending on where you get the product, obviously depends on how much it will cost. Some stores sell them for around $7 and it could go up to $10. To use the Cleansing water, I use cotton rounds to help work the products onto my face. You don’t have use cotton rounds specifically, you can use a cotton ball. However, I do know that you need to use a cotton product that will absorb and help pick up the residue on your face, and not smear it. I use the Simple Truth Organic cotton rounds, and I got them on sale for a little over a $2 at the grocery store. I think they were on sale, but here is another brand that I use.

After you have taken your makeup off is when you need to do your skincare routine, which I have mine listed in another blog post. DO NOT just take off your makeup and avoid your daily skincare routine. You still want to use products after to prevent potential blemishes.

I hope this helps! Keep in mind that everyone has different skin types; what works for me might not work for you.

XOXO Hayley

Skincare Routine

-My Day and Night Skincare Routine- 

My skin type – I have dry/oily skin. I’m more oily in my T-zone and dry near the sides of my face.
First thing in the morning I use a scrub on my face; however, I do not use the same scrub every day. Once a week I use the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System. It makes my face a lot softer and helps remove what I feel like is excess rough spots (I’m sure some people can relate). This product is very intense, after using it my face is completely red. Using it more than once a week would be too much for me that’s why I use other products in the meantime. The Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System is made to help prevent wrinkles, cleanse pores, fight age spots, and increase firmness. The next day after using this product my face is glowing, it’s amazing. I highly recommend this product. It comes with 12 Rejuvenating Puffs and you can repurchase them. They are little circles pads that you press onto the Microdermabrasion Applicator. Once again, I only use it once a week. If your face is more intense than mine, then I recommend using it twice a week. It comes with better instructions, but this is how I use the product. You can buy it at Target, Walmart, or order it on Amazon. I paid around $18 for it. It’s super affordable and completely worth it.

Throughout the rest of the week I use DHC Facial Scrub. This is the best hand facial scrub I have every used and I have tried a lot of them. I use this product twice a week. It says use the product after cleansing your face, but I use it before because it makes more sense to me to scrub off the excess before actually cleansing your face. The product costs $17.50 and you can get it off their website or amazon.
In between the two scrubs I listed above, I use St. Ives Even and Bright in Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub. This scrub is not intense at all. It does have some beads in it and you can feel them, but it’s not an intense scrub. I use this scrub in-between the others because I don’t want to constantly deeply scrub my face, I want to let it rest; however, I still want something in the morning that I can feel exfoliating my face. There is a couple of different St. Ives scrubs you can use, but I chose the Even and Bright one because my goal is to have my skin texture even all over my face. I bought mine at Kroger (a grocery store), but you can buy it at many drug stores for around $3.

After scrubbing my face, I use the 3-Step Skin Type I/II set by Clinique. I skip the third step and use L’Oreal Hydrafresh Toner (using a cotton round to apply the product to my face). The toner is alcohol-free. It gently sweeps away dull, tired skin and is pro-vitamin B5, which helps protect against moisture loss, and it only costs around $6. After the toner, I use Clinique’s Superdefense daily defense moisturizer broad spectrum SPF20, only in the mornings. This product helps with UVA/UVB protection. It’s an all-day hydration that strengths your skins moisture. So, basically, I use this product to fight off radiation to help prevent any damage from the sun, which could cause skin damage, cancer, and aging of the skin. I bought this product at the Clinique stand at Macy’s for around $48.
At night, I use Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème. The directions do say to use day and night; however I just use it at night because I use the Clinique Superdefense for UVA/UVB protection for when I go out during the day. I know all of this sounds like a lot of products, but once you get in the habit of doing this you will fly through the process, and it’s completely worth it.

The first step in the Clinique 3-step set is to use the liquid facial soap in mild. It’s gentle on your face and does effective cleansing on individuals who are dry in the cheek area and oily in the T-Zone. That’s why I love this product. It’s like it was made for me. It goes great with my skin type. They have other sets for other skin types, just make sure you know what your skin type is before buying the set because they can be pretty expensive. You can get the set at Macy’s, Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom. I got mine from Macy’s and it was around $66, because I got the travel set with it. I know it’s expensive, but I promise you it is worth your money. It has worked great for me and it lasts a long time. I have had mine for over a year now, and I’m just now getting to the bottom of the bottles. With this product, a little goes a long way.
The second step for the 3-step set is the clarifying lotion (dry combination). It’s a huge purple bottle and when you apply this to your face, you instantly get a refreshing feeling. The directions say it’s a non-drying exfoliator that gently removes dull, dry flakes to uncover skin that’s vibrant, glowing. It refines pores, smooths texture, helps skin accept moisture; and over time it helps your skin look and act healthier. This step, is my favorite step in the process. You can just feel the product working. I actually use this product in the middle of the day, if my face is feeling oily. It helps remove that feeling, and you can see the difference on your face.

At night, I do not use a scrub. Just the 3-Step Skin Type I/II set by Clinique. Before using the Estee Lauder Anti-Aging Crème (at night only), I use the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Crème. Do not apply the eye crème after your facial crème. It kind of defeats the whole purpose, and if you use an acne spot treatment use that before adding any cremes as well.

I have really really really bad dark circles around my eyes. It’s genetic and I am still trying to find things to help make them go away. The Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Crème, does reduce my darkness (which is better than nothing), but I still have to use a color corrector when doing my makeup. My makeup doesn’t always cover my dark circles, but when I use this product it helps reduce the darkness to where I able to cover these god-awful circles. I have noticed when I stop using this product my circles come back even dark, which goes to show that this product does help reduce black circles to a point. So, if you have light-ish dark circles (I’m sure you know what I mean by that), then I’m sure that this eye crème would work great for you. I got both the eye crème and ant-aging crème, with a serum (that I haven’t tried yet) in a set for $65 at Macy’s (click here for small set). I am literally down to my last bit of both products, and I will be purchasing the ant-aging crème again. However, I do want to find another product that can do more for me when it comes my dark circles. But, like I mentioned, if you have dark circles that aren’t too intense, this product will not fail you. The Estee Lauder Anti-Aging Crème for 1oz is $51.01 and the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Crème in 0.5 fl oz is $60. I would buy the sample as a set, before buying them individually in a bigger oz. You will be able to see if the products work for you, and if it doesn’t you’ll save money.

This is just my routine that I wanted to share; just in case if someone has the same skin type/problems as me. All of my posts will be about products that did or did not work for me.

I hope this helps!

XOXO Hayley