Go-to Outfit

Everybody has their own go-to outfit, mine just so happens to be boyfriend jeans and a wife beater shirt. Hate the name of the shirt? Yes, me too, that’s why I usually refer to them as white beater shirts instead. You would think that wife beater would be the slang term for a white beater, but it’s the other way around. Any-who, that’s completely off topic.

I absolutely love slouchy bottoms, whether it’s pants, shorts or capris. If it’s slouchy i’ll wear it. The weather has been teasing me lately, and so today, I pulled out my favorite go-to outfit. With boyfriend pants, I either wear a white beater or a V-neck shirt. I then add a little glam, by adding heels and  jewelry; nothing too dramatic, because I like to keep it simple.

I buy my white beaters from Wet Seal. I couldn’t find them on the website, but they always have a table where you can buy so many tanks for like $20-$25. You can buy any tank and it would look cute with boyfriend jeans; I just like the white beater look.

I bought my jeans from Forever21 for around $30. Click the here for a similar pair. There are so many to choose from, and I have honestly had mine for about four years now. I am obsessed with boyfriend jeans, and have been for a while now. You can adjust the bottom of the jeans to however you please, and either way looks great. Sometimes I unroll mine and i’ll wear them like that for a while, and then there are other times when I would prefer to keep them rolled-up. Which ever you choose, I’m sure it’ll look great!


My shoes are from Kork-Ease; however, these exact shoes are no longer available. I do highly recommend you trying this brand, their shoes ARE SO COMFORTABLE! They are pretty pricy, but if you focus a lot on comfort, then give these a try. With this outfit, you can literally wear any wedge, block heel, or bootie. Here are a couple options you could wear with this outfit…

Honestly, I would wear all of these!!!!

My watch is an Anne Klein, bought from Dillard’s. Anne Klein is one of favorite watch brands because they are nice, good quality, and affordable. (Below are a couple of my favorites)


I bought my bracelet from a county fair, so I do not have a direct link for you all. It’s handmade and I bought it from the county fair in Berea, Kentucky. The next time I go I will see if the made who makes them has a website. I always buy random jewelry at county fairs, it’s probably one of my favorite place to buy jewelry; especially, if it’s handmade.

My necklace is a Silverado sterling silver.

My sunglasses I bought from T.J.Maxx from anywhere between $6 to $12. I buy the majority of my sunglasses from T.J.Maxx because I’m really rough on sunglasses. I don’t want to pay a lot for them because i’ll probably end up losing them or braking them within a couple of weeks. If you have the same problem, then I highly recommend you going and looking at T.J.Maxx selection.

XOXO Hayley